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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

So my mum and I took Alicia to the zoo for the first time yesterday. I figured maybe the live stimulation would spur on some response from her to my incessant stream of questions such as, "Alicia, what does the dog/cat/horse/cow/tiger/lion/monkey/bird say?"

Talk about being a kiasu Singaporean. But hey, when in Rome....

Even though it was a gray, cloudy, threathening to rain anytime kind of day, it was still humid as hell. Note to self: NEVER go to the zoo on a sunny day unless you're trying to work your sweat glands overtime.

At this age, Alicia showed signs of interest but none of the exuberant zealousness exemplified by the older kids. She liked the birds, was scared of the wooden giraffe, loved the dog show and cried when a sheep "baaa-ed" at her. :)

"So Alicia, what does the bird say?"

Monday, November 21, 2005

What A Difference A Year Makes....

I must say that the last year has been the most eventful 365 days of my entire life. I went from playing office politics in the dog eat dog advertising world in New York, to having a baby, to moving continents, to Having A Baby, to being a stay at home mum, to HAVING A BABY! Ok so I didn't have three babies, it was just such a big deal I had to say it more than once.

Nothing would have prepared me for the roller coaster ride I'd been through (and still am going through). Still, we really lucked out on this one. Alicia is such an awesome, happy baby now, I've almost forgotten the hellish nights we went through during her colicky months. Definitely new found respect for all mothers out there. You go girls! :)

So we just celebrated
Alicia's first birthday and I thought I would commemorate this significant milestone with these two pictures of her just to illustrate what a difference a year makes.

And of course, the all important first birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, little one! We survived the first year!

Jumping on the blog wagon

During my younger days, I was never one to keep a diary. With every New Year, a new resolution would surface that typically resulted in only a week's worth of diary entries. Sigh...as a kid, I definitely preferred to spend time doing things than writing about them.

Fast forward to today.

After a lengthy discussion about blogs over dinner with friends on Saturday night, I finally decided (didn't take much persuading there!) to give it a shot and see how it goes. I figured this time round it will be different because:

  1. It's electronic - easier to type and erase
  2. I actually have an interesting ever changing subject to write about this time - dd Alicia! (dd in 'mum lingo' = dear daughter)
  3. With friends all around the world, it's easier to let everyone know what's going on in my life
So here goes - my first attempt at maintaining a blog! All comments will be much appreciated (go easy on the slagging pls :).