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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The best time of the year?

Time flies - cliched but how appropriate. Can't believe just one year ago I was still trying to work out the supply/demand mechanics of breast feeding, trying to avoid the projectile excretion of a new infant and freezing my butt off in the unforgiving New York winter.

Now I'm back at work, still testing the limits of human sleep deprivation. Having offspring is hard work but what's worse is having one that is sick. Poor bubby (Aussie speak for baby:) caught a pretty bad case of the flu this week. Her eyes, usually glazed with hints of cheekiness, were now dull and teary.

But being the trooper that she is, she braved on despite the wimpering, showing signs of her usual self with the occasional burst of energetic crawling and little cherubic giggles.

Her ped said that she's got some minor ear infection as well, typical of "ang moh" kids. Between Mongolian spots and ear infections, she's got the bad end of the "mixed kid" stick.

Anyway, it's now day 3 since her viral onset and it looks like we got through the worst of it although our helper has more vomitus sodden washing to deal with.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Idiot Box

With every new season of US network TV, there are usually a couple of shows on my "must-see TV" list. For years, that was Friends, but with the telecast of the finale (that had me bawling), it was time to move on (Not to mention that the Jen and Brad split just exacerbated the situation).

Fortunately, the TV gods bestowed not just one but TWO, fantabulous, highly addictive, primetime dramas last season, namely Lost and Desperate Housewives.

So anyway, I'm feeling like Lynette Scavo this week since I'm leaving my little domestic nest and rejoining the corporate world again! It was really hard to leave Alicia on my first day at work and my mum had to fend off my incessant phone calls asking if she's ok, had she eaten, did she have her nap etc etc.....

Finally made it through the first day, despite the continual mental battle that went on all day about whether I had made the right choice going back to work. Once I got home, from the moment her big round eyes spied my presence, I was greeted with huge grins and frantic "pick me up, pick me up" arm flapping motions. Sigh....to be loved so unconditionally...what a rush...