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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Glamour Shots

Every baby these days has it. And they don't come cheap.

It's so true what they say about your own kid. No matter how they look to the outside world, you will always think they're the cutest little thing alive.

When Alicia was around 7.5 months, Young Parents magazine had a special promo with Out of the Box photography studio where every new subscription entitled you to a free A4 size "glamour shot" of your kid.

Why wouldn't you take advantage of that especially when you were already planning to subscribe? And so I did.

The catch - there actually wasn't one but they would take like 20 over shots with different looks which meant that if the photos turned out well, it was really hard to just pick one favourite photo for the "freebie".

Sigh....so I ended up with 7 extra shots and $280 poorer (yes, each shot was $40!). But here some of the shots I chose.

The funny thing is, at that time, I thought they were so cute, but now looking back at them, I think to myself, yeesh, Alicia looked so bald back then.

Anyway, these days, this is Alicia's typical expression when she sees a camera. She's trying to help mummy out with her "camera smile".

So I was very lucky when I managed to get this shot in. Here's my attempt at a glamour shot :).