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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fun and games

Lo and behold, Alicia has entered the phase of pretend games. When she's feeling generous, she'll share some water from her sippy cup with Elmo and her other stuffed toys. When she thinks they're hungry, she'll stuff her plastic cookie ferociously down their "mouths".

Pretty interesting how she discovered the world of role play.

One thing we've discovered is how vain our little girl can be. Most kids do get tickled by their own reflection in the mirror but Alicia, in addition to that, would don her favourite accessories (cap, hat, drum) and parade back and forth in front of it, swiveling to check out her left and right profile at the same time.

She also has a penchant for Mummy's bracelet and mummy's watch and whatever little 'bling bling' she can get her hands on.

At playschool the other day, she found another use for those link-a-doo rings.

Her teachers say that most kids really hate having those rings round their necks and can't wait to yank them off but Alicia's LOVED running around with it on and shed a few tears when she had to say goodbye.

Here's the little princess posing on her horse. Note the elegantly raised foot positioning. (I got a kick out of that!)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Not sure why I like this shot but I'm drawn to it. Maybe it's just looks like my little girl's growing up so quickly....