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Friday, September 15, 2006

We're off to Oz!

Finally, a long awaited holiday! Haven't had a proper one since last Christmas. We're off to the Gold Coast tonight for some R&R and to catch up with my in-laws.

2 weeks of glorious Gold Coast weather! Will blog more when I get back!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Doing stuff

I have a cousin whose daughter is exactly the same age as Alicia, not taking into account the US/SG time zone differences in which they were born.

Given that it's their second child, I figured they were more experienced and I'm constantly asking them for tips when we meet up.

They have a Saturday routine where they'll take their kids out to either the zoo, bird park, botanic gardens etc. Ray and I are so lazy that we use Saturday to simply bludge around the house and poor Alicia has to just amuse herself indoors.

So anyway, I got inspired by them and last Saturday, we took Alicia to a
goat farm! It's one of these things I never knew you could actually bring kids to, but I figured I'll let my very "city" kid experience a touch of farm living.

The trip itself was enough to make me rethink this new found enthusiasm, it was out in like never, never land. We got to drive along Jln Bahar, a REALLY wide stretch of road that I later learnt is actually meant to be used as an emergency airstrip.

When we finally got there, it wasn't quite what I expected. Being a lot smaller in size than I had anticipated, it actually made getting around and to the goats a lot easier. We could buy a packet of feed for $2 and feed those seemingly ravenous goats that kept nipping on Ray's leg hairs, my skirt and basically anyway that look remotely edible.

My cousin's kid apparently LOVES this part of the visit but Alicia is a real wuss when it comes to certain things and I found out that feeding strange new animals was not something this city kid is comfortable with. (Hence, the whole look of apprehension)

So after much coaxing, she decided to patronise her poor parents who drove all the way out to Lim Chu Kang and made a brave attempt at holding out a stick of grass.

Oh well, don't think we'll be heading back here anytime soon.